WooCommerce is the best e-commerce plug-in used for WordPress. Mempay provides a Subscription Plugin which integrates with WooCommerce completely.
What started in 2008 as three WordPress enthusiasts from different countries sharing ideas over email is now an international team of designers, developers, support ninjas and marketing people, catering for a passionate and constantly growing community of hundreds of thousands.
Mempay is the most advanced online subscription platform. Our platform makes it easy to set up subscription models and make them succesful. Selling online subscriptions has never been this easy!
One way to manage subscriptions

Create subscriptions

Both the Variable as Simple product can be used for subscriptions. Mempay provides a dropdown where you can choose the susbcription and connect it to a variaton or total product.

Recurring orders and payments

When a client subscribes to a subscription, a new order will be created in the backend of WooCommerce. Depending on the payment scheme, Mempay will create all recurring orders within the backend of WooCommerce at the same moment the recurring payment needs to be done.

Manage subscriptions

The subscription can be managed easily via the 'My account section' within your website. Members can pause or cancel their subscription here.