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About Mempay

How do I get started with Mempay?

You can begin using Mempay today by signing up for a free account to experience our platform. When you first sign up, you’ll be provided with a sandbox environment which will allow you to experience our solution. Our trial provides access to our features and functionality so you can ensure that Mempay works for your business. It is possible to activate our payment gateway also in sandbox mode. This will only provide our e-mandate flow including a first payment. Recurring payments will not be processed as long as your account is in sandbox. When you’re ready to charge and collect money from customers, you’ll need to enable live mode in the Mempay dashboard.

Do I need my own payment gateway?

No, Mempay offers a payment gateway including mandate gateway. If you prefer to use your own Payment Service Provider (PSP), we do have integrations with multiple PSP. If you are curious about the integration we currently have with PSP, please don't hestitate to contact us. 

How do Mempay's pricing plans work?

Mempay’s pricing plans charge on a per-transaction basis and a base monthly fee. A per-transaction fee will be based on payment method and a reminder pathway.

Does Mempay require a long-term contract?

Mempay is a month-to-month service so there are no long-term commitments, and you can cancel at anytime. Pending payments will be finished correctly, even after cancelling our collaboration. 

How do I get paid?

Because a SEPA direct debit has a processing time of 2 - 3 (banking) days, you'll receive your money every 14 days. Possible rejections will be settled with the next payout. 

My customers are located around the world. Will Mempay work for everyone?

Thanks to the collaboration with multiple Payment Service Providers (PSP), Mempay can offer every international payment method like, creditcard, SEPA direct debit and such. Mempay also offers a multilanguage platform for both you and your customer. 


Can I create subscriptions without billing information?

Mempay is designed to handle and process paid subscriptions, an account must have billing information (in our case a mandate ID) before a subscription can be created. You can create an account without connecting a subscription to this account, in this case the account will only have contact details. 

What happens to accounts (customers) that subscribe to a template if I change the price or delete the plan?

The Mempay subscription template is used more often as a tool to make sure accounts get subscribed to the correct subscription terms. When the account has been subscribed, a new ID will be created which means it isn't connected anymore to the susbcription template. If you change the subscription template, it will only affect new accounts that get subscribed to this template. 

How does billing work in shorter months, such as February?

Members are always charged on the closest corresponding date of the following month. For example, a member who would normally be billed on the 31st of a month will either be billed on the 30th of a 30-day month, or on the 28th of February.

Does Mempay support one-time transactions as well?

Yes. You can configure both unlimited subscriptions as subscriptions with a custom amount of terms. In case of a one-time transaction, a subscription will be configured with 1 term. 

Does the subscription amount needs to be the same each term?

No. Mempay offers a flexible solution regarding payment terms and amounts. You can change amounts via API or manually at least 48 hours before the next payment date.


Does Mempay integrate with a shopping cart solution?

Mempay offers a plug and play solution for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and Lightspeed. If you have a custom build webshop, you can easily integrate Mempay with our RESTfull API. 


What does SSL mean?

Mempay has a SSL security certificate activated within the platform. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and is used to secure the websolution. SSL identifies the Mempay platform while visiting and ensures that everything is safe.

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