Mempay is the most advanced online subscription platform. Our platform makes it easy to set up subscription models and make them succesful. Selling online subscriptions has never been this easy!
An official
Simply subscribe and always in the possession of a valid e-mandate. Mempay provides an approachable solution to recruit new members. Mempay thereby guarantees that every subscription meets the legal requirements via a so-called online debit authorization, better known as e-mandate.
Scheduling recurring
The Mempay platform provides a clear overview of the payment schedule per subscription. Within our dashboard you can see whether payments have been rejected, paid or pending. Mempay is responsible for processing recurring payments via SEPA direct debit for example. Additionally Mempay creates a recurring order in the backend of your webshop, so that your process is completely automated. Also payments and stock will stay up to date.If a member rejects a recurring payment - because of low bank account balance for example - Mempay ensures an appropriate reminder pathway.
Change active
Your member needs to be in control. Therefore functionalities as cancelling, pausing or down- and upgrade the subscription are very important. Mempay offers and automates these actions within each subscription. Members will maintain their control and flexibility.
We integrate with
To make it even easier to offer a subscription model, Mempay has plug-and-play plug-ins available for WooCommerce and Lightspeed. Ofcourse you can also integrate via our API webservice.
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You can begin using Mempay today by signing up for a free account to experience our platform. When you first sign up, you'll be provided with a sandbox environment which will allow you to experience our solution.
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